Evander Kane’s Questionable New Deal

Count me among the miffed. The San Jose Sharks signed Evander Kane to a contract for seven years reported at $7 million per season.
On one level, Kane’s talent, it is a good deal. But on other levels, it is puzzling.
Kane’s Toxic Perception
Kane has had issues off the ice, issues with his teams and issues on the ice. While some may consider these unimportant, they clearly matter to the league’s general managers. Given his potential to be a major difference maker in the playoffs, Kane was available for a shockingly low cost at the trade deadline Andrew Ladd Jersey.
In the eyes of the league’s GMs (at least among playoff contending teams), Kane was toxic. What part of Kane was toxic may have differed from GM to GM, but only one offered the Buffalo Sabres anything for Kane. The Sharks offered a second-rounder (with potential to become a lottery-protected first if the Sharks re-signed Kane), a fourth-rounder and a marginal NHL player. This for a player selected fourth overall in the 2009 draft. And to be clear Adam Pelech Jersey, Kane has the elite talent consistent with his draft spot.
The entire league knows Kane is an enormous talent. A trade-deadline move for Kane represented low risk since the money involved was very modest and the term very short. Yet the entire league, with one exception, took a pass on bringing him on board.
In those ten weeks, Kane suffered two injuries which rendered him ineffective (especially in the second round of the playoffs where he had just one goal and was minus-5). Did injury concerns diminish during Kane’s time in San Jose? Obviously not John Tavares Jersey.
He also was suspended for a playoff game for a cross-check to the face of Vegas’ Pierre-Edouard Bellemare. Did the concerns about Kane’s ability to maintain self-discipline disappear? Obviously not http://www.islandersjerseyonline.com/josh-bailey-jersey-c-1_5/.
I doubt a single GM was surprised by Kane’s productivity in San Jose when healthy, which was maybe six weeks out of the 10. His ability has never been in question.
Kane’s injury history probably didn’t hang up general managers back in February since he was healthy at the time and the deal was for a short term. But it is an issue to consider for long-term contracts. With Kane, injury risk is a major consideration.

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